Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Continuing tamagoyaki saga

Days until the Chuutairen: 10
Tamagoyaki made: 4
Eggs consumed: 8

So it feels like the more I practice making tamagoyaki, instead of progressing, the more I'm regressing. @_@

Today I tried lowering the heat a little to see if cooking the egg more slowly would make it easier to roll nicely.

It didn't.

In fact, today was probably one of the uglier shaped tamagoyaki I've made.

Today also saw the return of the conspicuous whites throughout the tamagoyaki--like the first time I made it. Guess it's better to stay closer to the medium side of medium-low heat.

I've been so caught up with tamagoyaki recently, however, that I've forgotten about regular cooking/groceries. Pretty much all I've got in my fridge right now is eggs and yogurt. @_@;; Well, at least I'm getting plenty of protein and calcium! =P

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