Wednesday, July 8, 2009

"Please make 6 sentences about Canada Day"

"Please make 6 sentences about Canada Day" was on the lesson plan I received for my Sanbongi JHS ninensei (second year) visit tomorrow. When I spoke to the teacher today about the lesson plan, she was a little worried that I would have difficulty writing the sentences because Canada Day celebrations are different all across Canada.

While that's certainly true, the reason I was having difficulty coming up with 6 sentences was really that I didn't know very much myself about Canada/Canada Day!! If Allie hadn't mentioned it at our Canada Day dinner at Aaron's place, I wouldn't have even known that this year is Canada's 142nd birthday!

The five sentences (for a true-false quiz) I came up with initially were:

1. Canada Day is July first. (T)
2. We can see fireworks on Canada Day. (T)
3. This year, Canada is 200 years old. (F)
4. We often enjoy barbeques on Canada Day. (T)
5. We usually watch parades on Canada Day. (F)

After a bit of research, though, I found out that even though I've never seen a Canada Day parade, there are actually places that have them! So, after a bit more thought, I came up with the following:

5. We also call Canada Day "Independence Day." (F)
6. Many shops have big sales, so we go shopping on Canada Day. (F)

I wonder if American ALTs would have the same difficulty coming up with six sentences about Independence Day/the Fourth of July?