Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Almost Furnished!

I bought two sofas (a 3-seater and a 2-seater), a TV stand, a bookshelf, and many small things (garbage cans, a dish rack, etc.) at the Jusco today. It was a lot of cash to shell out in one day (luckily tomorrow's pay day!) but at least I got a 5% discount, plus points by using my WAON card (a quick pay card you can load up to 20,000 yen onto).

The sofas and bookshelf (it was too long to fit into my car) should be delivered either May 31st or June 1st, so my place isn't going to be fully furnished until right when I move in, but I figure that's for the best since I still want to do cleaning before all the furniture is in.

I'm a little worried that the sofas are too big for the limited amount of space I have, but since they're doubling as beds and I wanted to have something for a guest to sleep one, they had to be fairly large.... Ah well. I'm sure it'll all work out somehow (although I suspect we may have to move them in through the window rather than the door!)