Sunday, December 16, 2012

Nameko in Vancouver Part 1

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Nameko is making good use of his time in Canada by heading out to the west coast! The night before the big trip, Nameko has a nice half chicken dinner (split among 3 people) and a leftover Reuben sandwich (from the previous night in Windsor).

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Before heading to the airport, Nameko has a ham and egg (over easy) sandwich made by dad.
At Pearson Airport, he admires some of the art.
He goes to a completely different section before realizing his error and heading back (moving walkways are so helpful!) to the proper boarding gate.
Once safely on the plane, Nameko enjoys the view from above the clouds and snacks on a granola bar (from Australia!--a present from a friend). Since it's only a 5-hr flight, no in-flight snacks/food is provided, although it is available for purchase (expensive!).
Nameko's first view of Vancouver!
After arriving, it's off to Burgoo for dinner with friends.
They order a (crab bisque) soup and (grilled cheese) sandwich combo, and macaroni and cheese (Macaroni & More), while Nameko has Ratatouille Proven├žale.
Everyone shares a Hot Chocolate Chili Pot for dessert--although Nameko probably eats the most! =P
The bill comes in a dim sum steamer--cute!

Thursday, December 6, 2012

The next day it's off to Paul's Omelettery for breakfast where Nameko enjoys a Veggie Omelette.
After a bit of a rest (digestion time!), it's off to Metrotown for some shopping. Of course, the mall is all decorated for Christmas. There's even a train ride (third picture from the bottom)!
Then it's off to Downtown via the Skytrain! Nameko gets his Faresaver ticket, sticks it in the validator to get it date/time stamped before heading up to the platform to wait for the train. (He later realizes that to get from Metrotown to Downtown (Granville), he needed a 2-Zone fare, not just a 1-Zone fare, but thankfully didn't get checked and was thus safe. ^^;;)
Although he's not particularly hungry, it's nearly 1pm so he decides to get lunch at Foodwares Market: chipotle chicken chowder and blueberry white tea.
Nameko wanders around downtown, checking out sites like the Vancouver Art Gallery (just the outside), Robson Square Ice Rink, Waterfront Station, and the Gastown Steam Clock.
After a few hours of walking, Nameko takes a break at Tim Horton's (not nearly as popular as Starbucks in Vancouver) with a steeped tea and candy cane chocolate doughnut.
Then more walking! Down to Chinatown, the Rogers Arena, and Science World.
Walking past Science World, Nameko happens to find a gelato place, Amato Gelato Cafe! Yes, it's winter, but it's never too cold for ice cream! Unable to resist temptation, Nameko has a double cup (Pine Nut and Raspberry Truffle) for dinner.
Then it's off to see Amaluna, a new Cirque du Soleil show. The temporary Cirque tents are pretty cool.
Inside, Nameko even manages to get a photo of the stage before being reminded that photography isn't allowed inside.
The show is a great way to end a fun day of playing tourist in Vancouver.