Friday, March 28, 2014

2014 Sakura Yabusame

Sakura Yabusame 
桜流鏑馬 (Cherry Blossom* Horseback Archery)
Flyer/Entry Form PDF (Japanese)

Date: Sat. Apr. 26-Sun. Apr. 27, 2014
Time: 10:00-14:00
Location: Towada Chuo Koen (Central Park) 十和田市中央公園緑地
Events: Women's Horseback Archery, Horseback Riding Experience

(*The cherry blossoms in Towada have started blooming later--early May--in recent years, so it's unlikely that the horseback archery will actually take place under blooming cherry blossom trees, but one can always hope!)

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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

February 2014 Events in Towada

Towadako Winter Story
十和田湖冬物語 (Towadako Fuyu Monogatari)

Date: Friday, February 7- Sunday, March 2, 2014
Location: Lake Towada Yasumiya 十和田湖畔休屋
Admission: Free
冬花火 Fireworks 20:00~20:10 Daily
光のゲート "Gate of Light" 17:00~21:00 Daily
光のトンネル "Tunnel of Light" 17:00~21:00 Daily
酒かま蔵 Sake Kamakura (Snow Hut) 19:00~21:00 Daily
かまくらBar Kamakura Bar 18:00~21:00 Daily
雪のすべり台 Snow Slide (sled rentals 100yen/hour)
乙女の像ライトアップ "Light Up" of Otome no Zou (Bronze Maidens Statue) 17:00~21:00 Daily
ゆきあかり横丁 Yuki Akari Yokocho (Alleyway Food Stands/Restaurants) 15:00~21:00 Weekdays; 11:00~21:00 Sat., Sun. & Holidays
スペシャルステージ (津軽三味線ほか) Special Stage (Tsugaru Shamisen, etc.) 19:00~20:00 Fri., Sat., Sun. & Holidays
ホーストレッキング Horse Trekking 10:00~15:00 Sat., Sun. & Holidays
Towada Traditional Performing Arts Festival十和田伝統芸能まつり (Towada Dentou Geinou Matsuri)
Flyer Front / Back (Japanese)
Date: Sunday, February 9, 2014
Towada Bunka Center 十和田市民文化センター
Admission: Free
Description: Watch traditional (performance) art performances from various areas of Towada, e.g. Kirida Kagura, Sawada Keimai, Takisawa Nanbu Koma Odori etc. 

Friday, October 18, 2013


Today I finally got a chance to try the KISS-themed steamed bun. (See previous post for more details.)

Sadly the logo on my bun was rather off-centre...

I didn't get the rare design (which features all four of the other regular designs) for the wrapper, but I think I got Gene Simmons? (Other than the name and a vague image, I know absolutely nothing about KISS, in case you couldn't tell...)

The chili inside was quite shockingly bright red. There was chicken and some veggies (green pepper? sorry, can't remember!) inside so it felt heartier than I expected.

All in all, quite a tasty bun. It costs 128yen regularly, but until this Saturday, October 19, 2013 Circle K/ Sunkus has a steamed meat bun sale where all buns under 150yen are only 100yen (anything over 150yen is 20yen off) so it's a pretty good deal. Definitely worth a taste test. I might even go back for another one...

(See RocketNews24 for another fun review of the bun.)

Sunday, October 13, 2013

KISS themed steamed bun on sale soon!

A KISS (as inthe band) themed steamed bun will go on sale at Sunkus/Circle K convenience stores on October 15, 2013.

The dough is black (apparently it has charcoal made from bamboo mixed into it) and is imprinted the the band's logo. There are 5 different paper wrapper designs, one of which is supposed to be "rare." The filling is 激辛チリトマト (gekikara chilli tomato)  which translates literally as "puking hot chilli & tomato."

Not a fan of the band, but I kind of want to try it just to see how spicy it actually is. =P

See RocketNews24 (article is in Japanese) for images and more information.