Monday, March 1, 2010

Double gold!!

I admit I didn't think the men's team would do it, but they pulled through and got the gold on home ice!!!

In case you couldn't tell, I'm totally thrilled that we've had yet another double gold Olympic Game! (To show my Canadian pride, I even wore my Roots 2002 Gold Medal Champions hoody to work today, as well as my Roots red & white Canada scarf, and Vancouver 2010 mitts. ^__^ )

The only sad thing about all this is that I was unable to watch a single game. Since Japan pretty much has no interest in ice hockey, they naturally didn't televise any of the games. IF the stupid CTV online live stream had been working, I could've gotten up at like 5am to watch today's gold medal game... But since I knew it wasn't working and I had pulled an all-nighter the night before (i.e. Saturday night), I ended up sleeping through what will surely end up as a historic moment in Canadian hockey... @_@;;

Well, not entirely since I was briefly awakened at 5-something by a text message from a fellow Canadian Towada ALT... (I glanced at the message and promptly went back to sleep.)

Ah well, I will most definitely be buying any DVDs that come out so I can watch the game (or bits and pieces of it, at least) for myself--even if it will be super belatedly.

Oh, and while we may have finished third by overall medal count, at least we got the most golds--14 compared to Germany's 10!! So even though we didn't exactly "Own the Podium," I still feel like my $5/month contribution to the Canadian Olympic Committee for the past 3 years or so was definitely worth it!!