Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Next year...


It's a good thing I'm staying in Japan for another year because I just found out about the Hirosaki Snow Lantern Festival (弘前城雪燈籠まつり) which was going on from Feb. 11-14. =(

Next year for sure!!!

Oh well, at least I managed to finally go to the Lake Towada Winter Story Festival (十和田湖冬物語) on Wednesday night (Feb. 10).

The fireworks were really lovely and the bar in the kamakura (kind of like igloos) was pretty cool. (No pun intended.) Apparently you can pay just 500 yen for all you can drink wine or something, but since I'm pretty much a non-drinker, I wasn't able to take advantage of that.

You can see the rest of the pictures in my Facebook album: (Although I didn't take many because 1) I was more concerned with enjoying it than documenting it, and 2) my hands were kind of cold. =P)