Friday, April 5, 2013

Delicious sushi . . . ?

Looks like delicious sushi, doesn't it?

But actually they are sweets made for April Fools by Miyakin, a local okashiya, i.e. a bakery/sweets store. (It's actually originally from Shichinohe, but there's a big shop/cafe in Towada, next to the Tsutaya.)

The seaweed is really seaweed, but everything else is a confectionery. (The soy sauce is kuromitsu, a kind of molasses.)

Other than the sushi, Miyakin also made shina soba (支那そば a.k.a. ramen) and a Miyakin burger.

Even though April Fools is over, you can still buy the April Fool sweets up to this Sunday, April 7.

宮金寿司 Miyakin Sushi 850yen (5 pc sushi, "ginger" & "soy sauce")

宮金麺屋 支那そば Miyakin Menya Shina Soba 300yen

ミヤキンバーガー Miyakin Burger 250yen

Miyakin April Fools Sweets flyer: