Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Continuing bento obsession

Even though my budget is completely out of whack thanks to many recent visits to Uniqlo, I still caved and bought the Ojue 63010 Lunch Box (in white) by METAPHYS. It's a bento box that comes with chopsticks and 3 containers that stack vertically so it can fit nicely into slim bags--like tote bags, messenger bags, briefcases, etc.

I've been wanting it ever since I read about it in a Japan Times Online article last week. With the Chuutairen only a week and a half away--not to mention with some stores on Rakuten offering 10x points on the purchase--I simply couldn't resist.

It should be delivered sometime Saturday morning. ^_^ Now I feel extra motivated to do a good job with the tamagoyaki! =P

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