Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Arrival in Aomori/Towada

Our flight to Aomori was on time (apparently this is very rare!) and AH (the other Towada JET, from Thunder Bay) and I were met by AB, a fifth year JET in Towada and Hosa, the sub-section chief of our office. After a scenic drive through the mountains, we arrived in Towada in time for a nice soba lunch at the restaurant across the street from our office.

Then AB showed us where everyone lived—him and his wife, J (the high school ALT), AH and me. He took us grocery shopping at the stores nearest our respective houses then left us to settle in.

Not too long after AB left, I got a call from S-sensei asking if I could come to the eikawa (adult English conversation class) that night. I hadn’t been feeling too tired for most of the day, but by that point things were starting to catch up with me, so I pleaded fatigue and stayed home.

Random pictures from the flight: