Monday, September 27, 2010

十和田駒フェスタ 2010 Towada Koma (Horse) Festa

第17回 十和田駒フェスタ 2010 Towada Koma (Horse) Festa
Date: Sat. Oct. 16-Sun. Oct. 17
Location: 十和田市中央公園緑地 Towada Chuo Park
Time: 9:00*-15:00
Events: Yabusame competition (horseback archery); show jumping competition; children's horseback performance

(*the Yururira Towada site says 10:00-15:00 in some places, but after double-checking the Towada Horseback Riding Club site, I'm fairly sure the yabusame starts at 9:00)

I went last year and really enjoyed it! Yabusame is definitely a must-see Towada event!!

(I'm quite torn as to whether or not to go this year since Ofukanai, a junior high school I visit a lot this year has their school festival (文化祭) on the Saturday. And Sunday is the Kirita Festival so I definitely will be there and won't be able to see the Koma Festa on that day...)

Walking around before the competition...
Show jumping (one of my Kirita students!)
Children's horseback performance

Feel free to check out my Facebook photo album Towada Horse Festa 2009 for more photos if you're interested, although it's mostly just more of the same. =P