Thursday, October 15, 2009

Busy but happy

It's been a crazy but crazy good few weeks for me!

Oct. 4: Japanese dance performance
Oct.5: "aisatsu" with Rika-sensei (Nihonbuyo teacher)
- baking thank-you cookies for some of the people who gave me flowers (plus a few friends)
Oct. 6: taiko to confirm that I could bring my brother to see a practice on Thursday
Oct. 7: apartment cleaning & Nate's arrival in Japan
Oct. 8: Nate's visit to Kirita JHS
- getting his Kyoto, Hiroshima & Tokyo train tickets at JTB
- trip to Towada Jusco
- movie night at home (Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence) since taiko practice was canceled due to the typhoon - quick dinner at Marumatsu
Oct. 9: Kitazono ES (just me--Nate got to sleep in/lounge around a bit)
- lunch at Oirase Soba
- Oirase Gorge/Lake Towada tour
- quick office visit
- Sakagami's drinking house
- first episode of "My Girl" drama
Oct. 10: TOKYO!! Square Enix Character Goods Shop Show Case
- Edo-Tokyo Museum/Sumo Arena (exterior pictures only!)
- monja-yaki in Tsukishima
- Shibuya (Hachiko statue, shopping at Shibuya 109 and Tower Records)
Oct. 11: Ghibli Museum!!
Odaiba: Miraikan, Fuji Television (exterior pictures only), Aqua City Mall, sushi in Decks Tokyo Beach restaurant
- Tokyo Tower
- National Diet Building
Oct. 12: Asakusa: Kaminari Mon (gate), Sensoji, Asakusa Jinja, Chingodoji
- Ginza: Uniqlo, Sony Building; lunch at Wendy's
- Tokyo Station: Character Street (Shonen Jump Shop, etc.), resting at Cafe Tame, buying omiyage, seeing Nate off to his platform, going home
Oct. 13: early morning omiyage drop-off to office
- Kirita
- dance practice for Nov. 3 performance (it doesn't seem to end...^^;;)
- grocery shopping
- Otomen drama
- first episode of "Real Clothes" drama
Oct. 14: Sawada ES (morning); Kirita JHS (afternoon)
- clothes shopping at Uniqlo
- delivery of the "Sawako-image" one piece and dress & parka!!
- uploading photos of Nate's trip to Japan to FB (see the album here)

And the rest of this week looks to be just as good:
Oct. 15: Kirita JHS (I forgot to mention, but the past two weeks we've been preparing for the school festival, so I've been at school until 6pm or later most nights, but it's so much fun I don't mind at all!)
- taiko practice
Oct. 16: Horanai ES
- dance practice for Nov. 3 performance
- dinner w/ a friend
Oct. 17: dance practice for Nov. 3 performance (4pm ~)
Oct. 18: Kirita JHS School (Culture) Festival!!!!
Oct. 19: Daikyu!! (Substitute day off since I'm "working" on Sunday at Kirita ^__^)

I'll write more details about Nate's visit (and other things) soon. ^___^ For now, off to class! (So glad I finally got added to the school network!)