Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Tired every day...

I won't say that I've been too busy to post--because I spend waste a lot of time on Facebook, randomly surfing the net, etc.--but I will say that I've been too tired to post lately because of the amount of time I've been spending at school.

And when I say "school" I mean Kirita, specifically. Out of five visits to Kirita so far this month, I've only left at my scheduled time (5pm) once. The rest of the time I've been leaving between 6pm and 7pm (usually around 6:30pm). And this "overtime" is on top of elementary school visits before Kirita on two mornings, and two lunch time eikaiwas with the teachers.

So yeah, I really haven't felt like doing anything more strenuous than web surfing, reading books/manga, or watching anime/J-dramas after coming home for the past little while. I really don't know how regular Japanese teachers put up with the crazy long hours! And at least I know that when spring/summer/winter vacation comes, I can actually go on vacation and not worry about school for a while, whereas they usually still have to go to school! It's a crazy life!