Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Suprised my eyes aren't bleeding...

After trivia weekend (it was fun, but I'd forgotten how awkward I feel when surrounded by lots of people who are very drunk), I came home and decided I should start watching some of the DVDs I'd purchased but hadn't gotten around to watching.

I started with Always Zoku San Chome no Yuhi, the sequel to Always San Chome no Yuhi. ^_^ It was almost as great as the original--a high compliment for a sequel, indeed. I can't really say why it was "almost" rather than "as great as," but anyway, the point is I really enjoyed it.

After that, I watched Bambino!, a drama (adapted from the manga of the same name) starring Matsumoto Jun about a college student who wants to open his own Italian restaurant. And yes, I said I watched the series, and not started; I went through all eleven episodes in one sitting!

Obviously, I thought it was a pretty good series. The only frustrating thing was the English subtitles. Since I bought it in Malaysia (licensed, but still...) the English subtitles were pretty bad. For most of the series they were somewhat decent, but the last episode was terrible. Someone decided to translate the Ban's (the main character, i.e. Matsumoto Jun) name as A-han or something ridiculous, and a lot of the time it didn't make sense at all. I pretty much stopped reading the subtitles altogether, expect to look for key words when I really didn't understand what they were saying.

Come to think of it, if I was going to watch an entire series, I probably should've watched the second season of Hana Yori Dango, since the new movie (and series finale) will be coming out this Saturday!! Even though I won't be able to watch it this weekend (I invited some teachers from Kirita over to have a takoyaki party on Sat., and Sun. is my first Japanese dance lesson), I definitely want to watch it in theatres soon!

So with that, I think I'm off to watch Hanadan 2! =P