Thursday, September 24, 2009

So much for not using the credit cards...

I just remembered, on top of all the cash spending I did during "Silver Week," I also ordered two Canadian history textbooks (used) through Origins: Canadian History to Confederation and Destinies: Canadian History Since Confederation. I could've gotten them for much cheaper through Better World Books, but only much older editions. And I figure that with history texts, the more up-to-date, the better; the versions I got were the newest--6th editions.

The Origins text was relatively cheap at ~$46.50 including shipping/handling, but the Destinies one was only slightly discounted from the MSRP at ~$71.50 (incl. s/h). Do the math and you can see that I spent a whopping $118 on Canadian textbooks! And this is all for self-study, not an actual course. @_@

When the spending mania hits, it hits hard.

Oh, and I also just remembered that I also stopped by WonderGoo (yes, again!) on Tuesday night on the way back from Vi and Sanae's surprise b-day party and I picked up the entire set of Love Catalog manga (34 volumes plus a fan book!) for just under 2500 yen. It was a steal--less than 100 yen per book--but it was still money spent... ^^;;

Anyway, I'm entering my crazy busy time soon, so I don't expect to have much time for shopping again until right around Christmas (at which point at least I'll be shopping for others instead of myself).

I kind of wish the weather would hurry up and become "fall-like," though! After buying all those autumn clothes, the weather's been unseasonably warm--like highs up to 23-24 and lows of 16. So I can't really wear any of my new stuff yet! Doesn't it just figure?