Monday, April 4, 2011

A dream

About a week ago I had a dream where five students from my first graduating class from Kirita came to see me. Even though that's all I remember about the dream, I do know that the dream made me really happy. And it got me thinking.

As far as dreams go, that really is one of my dreams right now. I wish that I could see all of my past Kirita students again before I finish my time on JET (August 2012).

If I was a Japanese teacher, I think I would have a much better chance of realizing my dream. See, in Japan, newspapers publish lists of transferring and retiring teachers in mid-March. So anyone can look through the lists and see where their old teachers are going (if they're being transferred). Consequently, last week four students who graduated two years ago came to Kirita to see our principal before he changed schools. (They even got flowers for him!)
(Although they came to see the principal, they actually ended up staying and chatting with me and some other teachers for about two hours!! Even though I should've been feeling sad since it was the last day of school—hence the last day I'd be working with some of the teachers—I was really happy to be able to talk with former students.)

Thinking about that, I really wish newspapers would do the same thing for ALTs finishing their contracts. I'd like to think that if some of my former students (and/or even co-workers) knew I'd be leaving Kirita that they'd come to say goodbye...