Monday, January 25, 2010

Enjoy Aomori

So I got an email from the Aomori listserv today about two Aomori Prefecture tourism blogs:

- Aomori-mori (Eng):
- まるごと青森 [Marugoto Aomori] (Jap):

Being the type who is totally susceptible to advertising of almost any kind, they are very dangerous blogs for me. Just by looking at the (current) main pages of both blogs I've discovered two three new places to add to my "want-to-go-to" list:

- ねぶたの里 [Nebuta no Sato] (Aomori City): A place where you can see Nebuta floats (2 1/2 years in Japan and I still haven't made it to the festival!) and, in the winter, go into igloos to see various Aomori apples displayed inside!! It looks like fun! (Unfortunately I don't know if I'll have enough time to go this winter...) [Read more about it at the Aomori-mori blog here.]

- スイートピーチ [Sweet Peach] (Hachinohe City): A bakery/cafe with delicious looking parfaits and drinks. There are two locations, but the "Salon" location looks like it may offer a bit more in the cafe... [Read more about it (Japanese only) at the まるごと青森 blog here.]

-アイプラス [Ai Plus] Shop & Cafe (Namioka): A really cute looking shop/cafe!! [Read more about it at the Aomori-mori blog here.]

The writers of both blogs are all in Aomori City so there's a lot of about Aomori City, but they are trying to cover various places around the Prefecture as well. I foresee a lot more day trips this year than in my previous two years combined (easily done since I've pretty much been a hermit...). Anyway, I subscribed to Aomori-mori and am looking forward to finding new "must-visit" places.