Monday, April 16, 2012

Spring 2012 Events in Towada

Spring has come (?) to Towada and with it come a whole bunch of events!!

See this site for a comprehensive listing of events (Japanese only):
Towada Spring Festival 2012 Event Map/Information

栗林隆WATER >|< WASSER (ウオーター ミズ ヴァッサー)
Takashi Kuribayashi WATER >|< WASSER
Date:  Sat. Apr. 21-Sun. Sep. 2, 2012
Time: 9:00-17:00, Tue.-Sun. (closed Mondays, except Apr. 23, May 1, Aug. 8 & 13) 
   11:00-17:00 Sat. Apr. 21
   9:00-19:30 Fri. Apr. 27-Sun. May 6; Fri. Aug.3-Sun. Aug. 5, Fri. Aug. 10-Sun. Aug. 12
Location: 十和田市現代美術館、中心商店街ほか Towada Art Center, around the Central Shopping Arcade, etc.
Admission:  500yen; 300yen/person for groups of 20 or more;  free for high school students and under

栗林隆アーティストトーク Takashi Kuribayashi Artist Talk
Date: Sun. Apr. 22
Time: 14:00-15:30
Location: 十和田市現代美術館 Towada Art Center
Admission: Free *exhibit ticket required* **limited to first 50 people**
Special Guests:
- 中田英寿(一般財団法人TAKE ACTION FOUNDATION 代表理事)
Hidetoshi Nakata (TAKE ACTION FOUNDATION, Representative Director)
- 南條史生(森美術館館長) Fumio Nanjo (Mori Art Museum, Director)

第9回桜流鏑馬 (Sakura Yabusame)
Cherry Blossom* Horseback Archery
(PDF poster)
Date: Sat. Apr. 28-Sun. Apr. 29, 2012
Time: 10:00-14:00
Location: 中央公園緑地 Chuo (Central) Park (map)
Admission: Free
- 流鏑馬競技(初級・中級・プロ級・団体戦) Women's competitions (all levels)
-体験乗馬、馬車運行など Horseback riding; horse-pulled cart rides, etc. 
- やぶさめビンゴゲーム Yabusame BINGO Game (Sun. Apr. 29 only)
* The event is called "Cherry Blossom Horseback Archery" but considering the cherry blossom blooming period of the past few years (around Golden Week--i.e. the first week of May) and the particularly long, cold winter this year, unfortunately it's entirely probable that there won't actually be any cherry blossoms out in time for the event

Men's Yabusame Exhibition
Date: Mon. Apr. 30, 2012 (Showa Day Substitute Holiday)
Time: 11:00-14:00
Location: 中央公園緑地 Chuo Park (map)
Admission: Free

Dance in 駒っこ広場 (Komakko Hiroba)
(Street the party vo.1)
Date: Sun. Apr. 29, 2012
Time: 13:00-15:00
Place: 駒っこ広場 (官庁街通り) Komakko Hiroba (Kanchogai Dori) - across from the Police Box on Kanchogai Street *雨天時はアートステーショントワダ or Art Station Towada (map) in the event of rain*

よさこい元気祭り Yosakoi Genki Matsuri
Date: Mon. Apr. 30 (Showa Day Substitute Holiday)
Time: 13:00-15:00
Location: 駒っこ広場 Komakko Hiroba *雨天時はアートステーショントワダ or Art Station Towada (map) in the event of rain*

Lit Up Wax Globes Made by Local Nursery School Students
Date:  Sat. Apr. 28 - Sun. May 6
Time: 18:00-20:00
Location: アートステーショントワダ (AST) Art Station Towada (map)

桜展望台 Cherry Blossom Viewing Observation Floor
Date: Cherry Blossom blooming period
Time: 9:30-20:00
Location: 市役所新館5階展望ロビー City Hall (New Building), 5th flr (map)
Admission: Free

夜桜と光の演出 Night Sakura Illuminations
Date: Cherry Blossom blooming period
Time: 18:00-22:00
 Location: Kanchogai Dori (Street) & Chuo (Central) Park
Admission: Free 

太素ウオーク 2012 (Taiso Walk)
Date: Thu. May 3 (Constitution Memorial Day Holiday)
Time: 8:30-15:00 (Registration 7:30-8:30)
Location: 太素塚集合 Start at the Taisozuka (Nitobe Memorial Museum area)
Fee: 1500 yen (includes lunch, insurance, etc.)
Courses: A Course (19km), B Course (14km), C Course (6km)
Registration Period: Tue. Apr. 3 - Fri. Apr. 20
Contact: 社団法人 十和田市観光協会 Towada Tourism Bureau
TEL:0176 -24 -3006

太素祭 Taiso-sai (Taiso Festival)
Date: Thu. May 3-Sat. May 5
Time: 10:00-19:00
Location: 太素塚 Taisozuka (Nitobe Memorial Museum area)
Admission: Free
Events: Student choral performances, karaoke contests, Japanese drum (taiko) performances *stage performances are only on Thu. May 3 & Fri. May 4*

ToWaCoN まちコン 
Towada Singles Party (Goukon*)
Date: Sat. May 12Time: 18:00-21:00 (Registration 16:30-17:30)
Location: アートステーショントワダ (AST) Art Station Towada (map)
Fee: 6000yen men; 4000yen women
Registration: Single men & women over 20 years of age should register in pairs (of the same gender) online
*See JeKai for a concise explanation of "goukon" and a Feb. 14, 2012 Japan Times article for an explanation about the recent "Machikon" phenomenon