Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Towada June events

I check the Yururira Towada Tourism site fairly regularly, but since the end of May I've been preoccupied (I wouldn't say "busy" exactly) with various things so I didn't have a chance to visit it until today.

Wow. Seems like there are a lot of random events going on this month:  a Beer Festa, a Native Trout Festival in Oirase River, and the Towada Jouba (Horseback Riding) Club Festa, not to mention the Hanashoubu Festival (which actually runs through to mid-July).

Beer Festa (Jun. 1-30)
(PDF Pamphlet)
Location: Fujiya Hotel Restaurant "Legrain"
Time: 17:00-21:00 (last order 20:30)
A la Carte Drinks: 350-550yen
A la Carte Japanese Food: 300-800yen
A la Carte Chinese Food: 210-1050yen
A la Carte European Food: 300-1000yen
120min All-You-Can-Drink: 2000yen (per person)
120min All-You-Can-Drink + Food Plate: 3500yen (per person)

Native Trout Festival in Oirase River (Jun 20)
(PDF Pamphlet)
Location: Oaza Aisaka Chiku Miyukibashi ("Miyuki Bridge")
Registration Time: 0:00-3:00
Event Time: 03:30-10:00
Fee: 1500 (incl. insurance)
Register by emailing your Name, Phone Number (cell or home), and Address & Postal Code to towadafp[at] between Jun 5-16. (Applications can also be sent by fax to 0176-27-6673). If you do not receive a registration confirmation email by 3 days prior to the event, please resubmit your registration information. Tickets (fish catching only--no insurance) will also be available on the day of for 800yen.

Towada Jouba (Horseback Riding) Club Festa (Jun 20)
(PDF Pamphlet)
Location: Towada Jouba Club, 115-5 Oaza Sanbongi Aza Saihaba
Time: 10:00-14:00
Horse petting/riding area; play area (jump ropes, swings, etc.); treasure hunt; live stage performances; "American bike" (motorcycle) parade; farmer's market; BBQ (1500 yen per person, by advance ticket sale only); etc.

Hanashoubu Festival (Jun 20-Jul 19)
Location: Tezukuri Mura Risoukyo
Hours: 9:00-17:00
Fee: Adults 500yen; Elementary/Junior High Students 200yen
Enjoy the sight of hundreds of varieties of Japanese irises, Chinese Peonies* (and various other flowers and trees) in full bloom in the extensive gardens at Risoukyo. Traditional thatch-roofed houses will also make you feel like you've gone back in time. **There is also a free mochitsuki taikai (mochi making event) on Sun. Jun. 20 and Sun. Jun. 27 at ~11:30. You can try making it, or just sample the finished product!**
(*Not 100% sure, but it seems from the website that Jun 10-20 is actually the peak of the blooming period for the peonies...)

津軽三味線観光会館 Tsugaru-Shamisen Tourist Hall

I was recently told that there are regular Tsugaru-Jamisen (a 3-stringed banjo-like instrument) and Te Odori ("dancing" with hands & arms from a seated position) performances held at the 津軽三味線観光会館 (Tsugaru-Jamisen Kankou Kaikan aka Tsugaru-Shamisen Tourist Hall) in 焼山 (Yakeyama).

Performance times:

The Hall is open Mon.-Sun., but dance performances are only on Sundays (I think). It's closed on the 2nd and 4th Tue. of every month. The 3rd Wed. of every month is "Social Welfare Day" (福祉の日) so dance performances can also be arranged with advance reservation for that day(?). (Not 100% sure about that part...)

Admission is 600yen for adults, 500yen for high school students, and 400yen for junior high and elementary students.

For more information, view the website (Japanese only) at  The Yururira Towada Tourism site also has a PDF pamphlet available for download.

Continuing tamagoyaki saga

Days until the Chuutairen: 10
Tamagoyaki made: 4
Eggs consumed: 8

So it feels like the more I practice making tamagoyaki, instead of progressing, the more I'm regressing. @_@

Today I tried lowering the heat a little to see if cooking the egg more slowly would make it easier to roll nicely.

It didn't.

In fact, today was probably one of the uglier shaped tamagoyaki I've made.

Today also saw the return of the conspicuous whites throughout the tamagoyaki--like the first time I made it. Guess it's better to stay closer to the medium side of medium-low heat.

I've been so caught up with tamagoyaki recently, however, that I've forgotten about regular cooking/groceries. Pretty much all I've got in my fridge right now is eggs and yogurt. @_@;; Well, at least I'm getting plenty of protein and calcium! =P