Friday, January 21, 2011

Airport lounges

Even though this is my second year as an Aeroplan Elite (Star Alliance Gold) member, today is my first time using the lounge.

I've got to say, it's pretty sweet! I had no idea that you could get free food and drinks in one! Unfortunately I ate a larger than usual lunch at the train station (a cream cheese & salmon sandwich, a mixed fruit sandwich, and two anpan with, respectively panda and penguin designs!) so if I ate now it'd really just be out of simple gluttony.

Still, seeing that I have access to free food I'm very glad that I gave away the 2000yen food voucher I got from the airline (because of the delay). I knew there was no way I'd be able to eat anything, so rather than letting it go to waste I "accosted" a couple standing and looking at a restaurant window and offered them the voucher if they were planning on eating at a restaurant somewhere today. Thankfully they accepted it so I didn't have to force myself to eat close to 2000yen worth of food just so it wouldn't go to waste. (I really would have!)

Oh well, since I'm here maybe I'll just nibble on something, or at the very least have something to drink. Still another 2.5hr to go!

[Update: So much for nibbling! I totally pigged out on inarizushi, sushi, sandwiches, senbei, shortbread cookies, chocolate and soup! And I actually had a second plate, too! ^_^;; ]