Thursday, December 27, 2007

Kirita Takoyaki Party!

I LOVE Kirita!

I went into Kirita instead of the office today (even though it's winter break for the students, teachers still have to work) and boy was I glad I did!

First of all, TC-sensei and I got to talk about what we were going to do to finish up the textbook with the ichinensei's in third term. It was great because she was more than happy to share the lesson planning duties, so I really felt like an equal teaching partner.

Secondly, most of the teachers went out for lunch at a hotel near my house. T-san called ahead and ordered bento's, so when we got there we just had to sit down and they brought the food out to us. There were six of us there (all female--I-sensei and Kyoto-sensei had to stay and "man the fort" I guess) and it was a nice, relaxed meal.

Finally, we had a takoyaki party in the afternoon!! Kyoto-sensei had caught an octopus, so he brought some of it in and we made takoyaki. Since we were close to my house, after lunch we drove to my house and then to TC-sensei's house to get the takoyaki makers. (Yes, one of my predecessors bought a takoyaki maker!) T-san and H-sensei bought the other ingrediants, and so around 3pm we made takoyaki! It was awesome!

Some of the 3rd year students saw us coming back with the takoyaki makers, so of course they wanted some. They were really cute! As we were making it, they were walking by the office and pressing their faces against the door windows, crying out my name in a pleading tone. Then when we finished making the takoyaki, they made excuses to come into the office. At first, I-sensei teased them by eating it in front of them and loudly saying "umai" (delicious), but of course he was nice afterwards and gave them some. He shooed them out once they finished, but as they were leaving, one of them looked at me and called my name with pleading eyes and voice. I wasn't swayed, though--I wanted to eat more myself. =P There were also some 1st year students still at school, so we gave them some too.

Photos: Kyoto-sensei cutting up the tako (octopus).

Making the takoyaki (my takoyaki maker is the small red one).

The finished takoyaki and I-sensei having the first taste.