Saturday, April 3, 2010

Inflatable bed (a haiku)

Four in the morning
Going one by one by one
To the cold bathroom

A memory from Jen, Syv & Justin's visit to Towada. For some reason we all kept waking up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom... The most memorable was Monday night, when all four of us went (first it was me, then Justin, then Syv, then Jen, I think) at 4am!

I think it was the inflatable bed (or maybe the cold?) that was the culprit... The first night Syv & Jen were sleeping on the bed and both had to get up twice. Justin got up once, too, I believe. I heard everyone getting up, but didn't need to go myself.

The second night, I moved to the bed with Jen (and Syv took the couch) and even *I* had to. And of course since we were all in the same room (there's really only one in my apartment), once one person got up, everyone else did too... As a result, we were all giggling at 4am about our collective late night (early morning) bathroom break.  =P