Sunday, April 26, 2009

Another fast update

Still haven't had time to don't feel like writing a real post yet. But I do have a bunch of pictures I've uploaded to Facebook!

Tokyo in Transit
Anaheim Days 1-2
Anaheim Day 3, LAX
Towada Yosakoi Part I

Towada Yosakoi Part II

Other than that, the quick update on my life is:

- work is busy
- my apartment is a disaster zone (again/still)
- I enjoyed a BBQ in Chuo Koen (even though it was windy and rather cold) with the Towada, Shich, and Noheji ALTs, plus a few rounds of Mafia at Bryan's place on Thursday (April 23)
- I'm going to Hiroshima for Golden Week (May 2-5)
- the Kirita Sports Festival is May 17th
- I'm going to Sai Mura (FINALLY) on the weekend of May 23
- I recently finished watching the Tantei Gakuen Q (Detective Academy Q) anime--I enjoyed it, but the live action drama was better
- Along with Godhand Teru (see my previous post) on TV, I'm also currently watching Hotaru no Hikari on DVD; unfortunately I've only been able to get discs 1 and 2 from Tsutaya so far--seems like discs 3 & 4 are perpetually out... (HnH also happens to be the series I'm proof reading scanlations for at J-SiS.)
- Like many others, I changed to summer tires a couple of weeks ago and moved all the winter stuff (winter wipers, snow scraper, shovel) out of the car and thus was woefully unprepared for driving home through the SNOW after watching the Yosakoi Festival

And, on a completely random note, here's a little something I bought towards the end of February. Isn't he cute? Any suggestions for a name?