Tuesday, November 10, 2009

"Otaku" tour of Tokyo! Day 3

Our last day in Tokyo started off with a visit to Asakusa. Unfortunately Sensoji (the main temple) was undergoing restoration so it wasn't much to look at, but we did get a picture in front of Kaminari Mon (the main gate leading up to the temple).

I went back to the 33-flavour soft cream place that I had been to with my mom & dad, Brenda & Cecilia on my first visit to Asakusa. Instead of going for an unusual but tasty-sounding flavour, I went with the oddest one--miso--with predictable results. =P

One new thing I saw during this (my third) visit to Asakusa was Chingodoji--the Tanuki Shrine!

After Asakusa, we went to Ginza. We stopped at Uniqlo where I bought a pair of dark brown high boots that I'd seen online but weren't available in Towada. It was a bit of a pain lugging the box around for the rest of the day, but it was totally worth it since they're pretty much my favourite pair of boots right now. ^__^

Then we wandered around a bit (thanks to my terrible sense of direction) before going to the Sony Building. We played with the new touch-screen PC monitors (with Windows 7) and looked around for a bit before heading out to Tokyo Station.

On the way to the station, we stopped for lunch at Wendy's. It had been a while since I'd enjoyed a Wendy's burger. ^___^

At the station, we spent a fair bit of time at the Shonen Jump Shop. I bought a Chopper (from One Piece) hat in preparation for Halloween. Nate bought two Bleach charms, one for himself and one for a friend. They were the type where you wouldn't know which one you actually got until you opened the box. We walked around some of the other shops for a bit and then went to a nearby sweets/coffee shop for some refreshment and a break from all the walking. While we were there, Nate decided to open one of the boxes. It turned out to be one that he didn't really think was all that cool, so he went back to the Jump Shop to buy another one.

When we shook the new box, however, it sounded like the one he'd opened, so we decided that he should give the new one to his friend and open the other one he's purchased the first time round. Luckily it was a different one, but it still wasn't the charm he was hoping for. In the meantime, I decided that I wanted to get a One Piece t-shirt to use as part of my Halloween costume, so this time I went back to the Jump Shop while Nate stayed at the sweets shop. While I was there I decided to get another Bleach charm for Nate.

When I tried to give it to him, though, he insisted that I should keep the charm for myself, so I opened it, and lo and behold, it was the same as the first one he'd opened! =P So between the two of us we bought the same charm two, or possible three times in one day. Pretty impressive "luck" since there were 10 different charms in all!

After that we wandered around Tokyo Station a bit more before we finally just sat down in a waiting area and waited for the time to come to go up to our respective train platforms. (I was headed back to Towada and Nate was off to Kyoto.) And that was the end of my "otaku" tour of Tokyo with Nate!

(Final photo before it was time to say our goodbyes!)

(See my complete album from Nate's trip to Japan at http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=327284&id=655150561&l=8b818452d4)

Oh, and if you were curious, this is how my One Piece costume turned out! The hat and t-shirt I bought at the Jump Shop, while the shorts and skin-coloured long sleeve shirt & leggings I got from Uniqlo. And I made the hooves myself! (Yes, I'm a big nerd!)