Saturday, August 11, 2007

Food & Fun

It was really hot on Saturday—so hot I couldn’t stand staying in the house all day. So I went to AH’s house. Luckily she was home (I’d tried calling, but the phone just kept ringing) since I was dying from the heat even on that short 20min walk, and it would’ve been a pain to just turn around and go home if she was away!

So yeah, we sat around in her house for quite a while—it was in the shade and she had screen doors (I didn’t find mine until afterwards) so there was a nice breeze blowing through the house. We called K and made arrangements to meet up with her, R, CH and J for karaoke, and then went to a nearby French bakery.

Man, that place was awesome! They had so many yummy looking things, it was hard to choose! (Thank goodness *I* don’t live near it, or I would probably go there all the time and to heck with my budget and my resolution to “get fit/healthy”.) In the end, though, I went for the Tanuki cupcake because it looked more chocolate-y than the Doraemon one. =P The store even gave us mini ice-packs to keep our treats cool as we walked back to AH’s place!
When everyone else came to meet us for karaoke, we actually ended up going back to the bakery because we told them how cool it was and they all wanted to try. Then we walked down to Karaoke Festa (near my house). We sang for about three hours—we actually did Bohemian Rhapsody!—and then headed to Skylark (a chain restaurant) for a late dinner/snack. I had pasta with some sort of meat and a lightly poached egg, plus green tea and vanilla ice cream for dessert!
Karaoke photos: