Friday, November 14, 2014

Pokka Coffee Potato Chips Taste Test

I don't even like coffee, but nonetheless I couldn't resist when I found Pokka Coffee* Potato Chips (149yen)at the local Mini Stop. (Incidentally, I couldn't find the chips at grocery stores or other convenience stores--only Mini Stop.)

*Pokka Coffee is a Japanese brand of (sweetened) canned coffee that was first produced in 1972.

Pokka Coffee Potato ChipsPokka Coffee Potato Chips
Pokka Coffee Potato Chips
There was distinct coffee smell upon opening the bag, but thankfully it didn't actually taste like coffee. It was more like a slightly bitter caramel taste. I thought the slight saltiness of the chips worked well to balance out the sweetness. It felt a bit strange to be eating sweet potato chips, but at the time they were actually strangely addictive. My husband and I polished off the bag in short order.

I probably wouldn't go out of my way to buy the chips again, but if I had them in front of me I would definitely eat them--and probably polish off the entire bag, too!