Monday, February 1, 2010

Food & memory

Inspired by Vicki. ^_^

Hot green tea: Long conversations shared sitting under the kotatsu table  
Smarties: Struggling to stay awake during Mr. Davis's Ancient Civilizations class 
Lai-cha & bubble tea: Hanging out on Fridays after fellowship 
Warm tea biscuits: Family celebrations at Red Lobster 
White hot chocolate: Second Cup study sessions with Steph & Howard 
Eggs benedict: Breakfast with the girls 
Congee with minced pork and bak hu: Being taken care of when sick 
Timmie's Ice Caps: Summers working at Scotia 
Profiteroles: Chubby Bunny at WAY Summer Camp (Profigeroles! What?! ProFIGeroles! WHAT?!) 
Giant cream puffs: Kirita School Festivals  
Sweet potato "sticks": Matsuri (Japanese festivals) 
Hot tea with honey: Small group meetings at Vicki's during the winter 
Firm Jello: Hockey Night in Canada parties with Steph and the guys 
Chocolate cupcakes with vanilla frosting: Visits to the Hockey Hall of Fame 
Cold veggie subs: Helping with school lunch sales at Dolphin  
Toblerone: Fellowship (Swiss Chalet) Christmas dinners and one very bad day after the sleepover with Nate, David and Sandra 
Mint chocolate chip ice cream: Childhood birthday parties
Mango shakes: Lunch at pho after church

Please share yours, too!

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victoria said...

Mmm... profiteroles. Teen's choir lunches! Are you serious about the profigeroles???

Thanks for sharing!!!