Friday, August 24, 2012

Okonomiyaki Sankanou

This is a long overdue post about one of my favourite restaurants in all of Japan. It's a small okonomiyaki (a kind of savoury pancake) restaurant in Hiroshima City, near Hiroshima Station.

Of course the okonomiyaki is delicious. The standard is niku tama (meat (pork) and egg) with yakisoba (vs udon) but my personal favourite is niku tama with cheese mochi (glutinous rice cake) (肉玉とチーズもちのトッピング).

niku tama okonomiyaki
niku tama okonomiyaki, cheese mochi topping
But the best thing about the restaurant is the owner/chef (called "Master" in Japanese restaurants). He is a really nice guy who clearly loves his work--particularly talking with customers. (And all the customers I've met there have also been really nice and friendly.)

picture from my first visit in 2009
After the first time I went to Sankanou (the first day of my first trip there), I didn't want to eat okonomiyaki anywhere else, I loved it so much. I even went back to eat there again two days later. And of course I went there again during my second and third trips to Hiroshima. In fact, one of the main reasons I like Hiroshima so much and always want to go back is because I want to eat okonomiyaki at Sankanou.

I send every friend/family member who visits Hiroshima to Sankanou (and usually I email ahead of time to let the Master know they're coming). And I check up on the website/blog and/or email Master periodically. If I lived in Hiroshima I'd probably eat there at least once a week.

Okonomiyaki Sankanou お好み焼 鉄板焼 三冠王
Hours: Mon.-Sat. 18:00-00:00 (closed Sundays & Holidays)
Address:11-2 Ōsugachō, Minami-Ku, Hiroshima City, Hiroshima
 〒732-0821 広島県広島市南区大須賀町11-2

From the south exit (where all the bus stops are) of Hiroshima Station, head west (to the right) past the post office. Cross the street (staying on the north side of the street) and turn right at the first traffic light. (You'll be heading towards a fence and train tracks.) Turn left down the third alley and you'll see it ahead and to your left. 


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