Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Towadako Fuyu Monogatari 2012

十和田湖冬物語Snow & Light Fantavista
Towadako Fuyu Monogatari (Lake Towada Winter Story)

Date: Fri. 3 Feb.-Sun. 26 Feb. 2012
Location: Lake Towada (Access maps available here:
*scroll down for special shuttle bus info*

Time/Event Schedule: 
 - 体験館 Workshops & Events (e.g. make a wax ball for 500yen): Mon.-Fri.: 15:00-21:00, Sat.-Sun.: 11:00-21:00 *participants limited; reservations recommended
十和田湖畔温泉足湯体験 Foot (Hot) Spa: Mon.-Fri.:17:00-21:00; Sat.-Sun.: 11:00-21:00: 300yen
Eat & Drink:
- *NEW* ゆきあかり横丁 Yuki Akari Yokocho (Alleyway "Restaurants"/food court): Mon.-Fri.: 15:00-21:00; Sat.-Sun.: 11:00-21:00
- ウインターバーWinter Bar: Daily 17:00-21:00: 500yen for a commemorative glass and hot mulled wine (free refills!)
- かまくらBAR Kamakura (Snow Hut) Bar: Daily 17:30-21:00
- 酒かま蔵 Sake Kamakura (Snow Hut): Daily 18:00-21:00: 500yen/cup
お笑いかまくら "Cutie Brothers" Kamakura Comedy Performance: Sat.-Sun.: 20:10~ : 500yen admission fee
- Stage performances: Mon.-Fri.: 17:30, 19:00, 20:30; Sat.-Sun: 19:00~
- Illuminations: Daily 17:00~21:00
- Fireworks: Daily 20:00

For more information, see the website (Japanese):

*Special Shuttle Bus*
(running once daily between the Towada Art Center and Lake Towada)
Cost: 1000 yen (round trip)
Departure: leaving 16:00* Art Museum, arriving 17:30 at Lake
Return: leaving 20:30*, arriving 22:00 at Art Museum
*please get to the bus stop at least 5min before the scheduled departure time

Seats are limited to 40 seats per day on a first-come, first-served basis. Reservations must be made at least *one day* in advance of departure.

Ticket reservations can be made by phone/fax from 9:00-17:00: TEL: 0176-23-7765/ FAX: 0176-22-7731
十和田奥入瀬まるごとシャトル予約専用"『冬物語号』予約"とお申し付けください。(Ask for  "'Fuyu Monogatari Gou' yoyaku" to be transferred to the Towada Oirase Marugoto Shuttle reservation line)

See the Towada Kankou (Japanese) site for more info:

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