Sunday, November 28, 2010

Maybe it's time...?

Recently I've been wondering if I should finally learn how to use make-up properly.

For one thing it's rather embarrassing that at my age I still have to ask someone to do my make-up for me for Nihonbuyo performances.

But really the main reason is that I'm starting to think that it would be the best way to make myself look older...

At the Kaminari Daiko nijikai (the after party--lit. second party--following the wedding of one of the group members) a member who hasn't really been around since I joined the group was shocked when I answered his question re: my age. He told me that he thought I looked like a high school student! @_@ (A step up from being mistaken for a junior high school student--which happened in October--I suppose, but still...)

And earlier this month, a regular taiko member made a comment about how he would leave re-tying the taiko strings to us "young people"--even though I'm actually 6 years older than him! (Since he's only 21 he must have thought I was 20 or younger?)

It's flattering if people think I still look like I'm in my early rather than late 20s, but somehow it doesn't really make me happy to be mistaken for a teenager...

I was used to people getting my age wrong back in Canada because Chinese/Japanese/Korean people generally look a lot younger than their actual age. But I rather figured that in Japan people would be able to guess my age fairly accurately... So I'm thinking it's the fact that I don't use any make-up that throws people off.

But the thing with make-up is that it's expensive and it takes time to apply. Since I'm really not a morning person, finding even an extra two minutes in the morning is really really difficult for me. Plus I get the impression that make-up is one of those things that you have to keep using once you start using it routinely--meaning it'll become a regular expense. And quite frankly I'd rather spend the money on books/manga/eating out, etc.

Guess I'll just have to put up with being mistaken for a student until I (naturally) start looking more like my actual age.

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Courtney said...

I actually thought you did wear make-up at times. If that's not the case then I don't think you need to wear anything; you look fine without it. I never wore make-up either. People always complimented me on my skin... I don't know why; however, this past year I started wearing concealer. I only use it on the red areas of my face, espcially during the winter for my Rudolph nose. haha! That's all I need and it's very easy and quick to apply. It takes like a few minutes. But I have my mom send it to me so I don't know the Japanese equivalent. I wouldn't worry about make-up to be honest. You're a natural beauty and if it makes you look young, then that's usually a compliment these days, especially here.