Friday, October 17, 2008

A little cold

Even though I felt really refreshed after my trip to Hong Kong, it seems like the R&R time came a little too late since I've got the beginnings of a cold. (T_T) I guess I've been pushing my physical limits a little too much recently, so giving my body that chance to relax was probably the trigger for it.

I was totally fine all of Monday and all day Tuesday, but then Tuesday night my throat started to hurt--a LOT. Wednesday morning I woke up and the sore throat was even worse. It was bad enough that the glands along the inner sides of my neck were actually somewhat swollen and tender! Even though my throat hurt and I was hoarse, I was still pretty cheerful.

Thursday, though, was the worst day (physically) I've had in a while. Usually I'm able to be cheerful and energetic even if I've only had 2-3 hours of sleep, but Thursday I felt so bad that other teachers at Kirita actually told me I didn't look too good and should sit down and take a rest. ^^;;

Maybe I'm just dumb, but despite feeling sick Wednesday and Thursday, I still stayed at Kirita to help with their school festival preparations until almost 7pm. Moreover, I went to the office when I finished at Kirita (Wednesday to pick up lesson plans, Thursday to make materials)!

Today I was at an elementary school and I completely killed my throat. I know I should try to get quieter when I teach--if you try to talk over the kids, the noise level will spiral out of control, but if you get quieter, the kids will have to quiet down to hear you--but I naturally get louder when I try to be more genki.

As a result, I'm now VERY hoarse, and I'm coughing a lot more than I was yesterday. ^^;; I felt bad enough when I got home that I actually caved and took some Daytime Tylenol for Colds; I usually don't take medicine for anything less serious than bronchitis.

I've also been drinking a lot of lemon tea to try to soothe my throat.

AH!! I hate being sick! And this weekend is the Kirita school festival, so I really don't have time to relax. *sigh*

Anyway, I'll stop being whiney now.

In happier news, I uploaded more photos to Facebook this afternoon (since I was home early for once--Tomabechi-sensei specifically told me NOT to come to Kirita to help with school festival prep today):

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S said...

Oh, I'm sorry to hear that you are feeling bad because of the severe cold.
I hope you will feel better by taking medicine regurarly, taking nourishing food, and sleeping early with warm blanket.
I know you are a serious teacher who is willing to sacrifice herself for her students..even at her worst time. I think you are like a Canadian version of Oshin....but maybe please take care of yourself this time!

S said...

I forgot to mention this:
In North Japan, be careful of dry air!
Maybe you should at least hang hot wet towel near your bed while you are add more humidity in your room and so that your throat wont get drier.