Monday, January 14, 2008


Living on your own really teaches you just how sheltered a life you've been living.

Here're some of the things I've looked up on Google since coming to Japan:

- how to boil an egg
- how to pan fry a steak
- how to cook chicken
- how to make congee
- how to winter-proof (i.e. bubble wrap) windows
- how to change windshield wipers (turned out I didn't need this since gas stations will do it for you for free)

In my own defense, though, it wasn't as if I was completely clueless as to how to do these things, I just wanted step-by-step instructions (I'm kind of anal that way). For the various food things in particular, I wanted to know the specific/proper timing. (I also learned from AH, for the first time, how to make a grilled cheese sandwich over the stove--I've always just used a toaster oven!)

Still, it really makes me appreciate living in the internet age. I mean, I can't imagine what life would've been like for someone as sheltered as me coming to Japan without the ability to look anything and everything up online. If I had to call someone every time I wanted to know something as simple as how to boil an egg, I'd probably just live off of grocery/convenience store bento's rather than suffering the embarrassment of having to ask about such "common sense" things. =P


ceci said...

this reminds... me how much i still have to learn too... -_-"

ceci said...

See you in 2.5 months!!! XD

Michael said...

Well, I know how to boil an egg and how to change windshield wipers... but how do you make a grilled cheese sandwich over a stove?
Anyway, I would not call taking off and living by yourself in Japan leading a sheltered life! Keep up the good work of "un-sheltering". Cheers :)

Presea said...

Fry a grilled cheese sandwich:

1) butter two slices of bread
2) place bread butter-side down in a large frying pan
3) put a slice of cheese on one (or both) piece(s) of bread
4) turn the stove top (range) on and toast bread at medium-low heat until nicely browned and the cheese is melted (be careful not to burn it--I've done so on more than one occasion because I got lazy about checking!)

ceci said...

i look forward to making grilled cheese sandwiches with you. :)

Michael said...

Ha ha, I thought you meant roasting it over the gas flame on a fork or something. I'm so stoopid! XD

Doomz said...

Hey Mel, Casey here - I bumped into your dad on Sunday on the way back from church and he told me about your blog - so I'll make sure to check it out!

I guess I'll need to read the 35 entries so far to really figure out how you're doing, but I hope all is well so far!

I shall chat you up soon!

--Casey Palmer, Esq.