Sunday, October 28, 2007

More Photos!

Still no more back-dated entries, but lots more photos!

Random Food (added 4 more pictures)
Woody's & Movie Night at Allie's
Takko Beef & Garlic Festival
Car Shopping
Aomori Culture Day
Busy Day
Misawa Hockey Tournament
Canadian Thanksgiving in Japan
Kirita Culture Festival


miyu said...

How do you bargain over there? Aren't they super nice and don't refuse?

ok_jk said...


Silph said...

lol, the bunny and monkey eating sushi package IS hilarious. both for its innocent humour (the bunny being so surprised at the monkey's extreme sushi-eating skill), but also for its sexual innuendo. that, and this package was being sold in a place called Woody's? lol, how appropriate!

what was in that package, btw? seaweed?