Sunday, August 5, 2007

Off to Japan!

I thought the excitement about coming to Japan would start in the airplane--after all the preparation were done and over with--but I was wrong. All I could think about was everything I was leaving behind. And that resulted in my writing things like:

Sitting on the plane
Surrounded by fellow JETs
Trying not to cry

I actually did cry a bit when I let myself dwell on things, so I tried not to give myself anytime to think. I watched Spiderman 3 (finally!), ate when food was offered (even if I wasn't particularly hungry), and slept a lot.

It was a long and melancholy flight to Tokyo.

On the bright side, I did get some decent food shots (I can't believe they served us so much food on the plane! It was insane!):

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Stephanie said...

Fresh on Board! haha. i love it!